Free photos for web marketing



The following photos were taken by me, Chuck Hardwick and I am allowing anyone to use these for free for any purpose! Isn’t it great to get free photos for web marketing? The right photo can make your WordPress blog so much better!  If you have lots of text on your website and no photos, it is not as easy to read.

Free photos for web marketing


Free photos for web marketing
Free to Use

Most but not all of these photos were shot with an iPhone which you can see takes reasonably good photos.  None of the photos below are especially large, which is a good thing because if you post a very large photo on your website, it might load so slowly that the website visitor will become frustrated and click off your website.

If you need to crop any of the photos, the latest version of the iPhone software makes it easy to crop.  There is a video I found that explains this at

If you are a photographer and you have any photos you would like added to this page, feel free to email them to and as long as they are free, I will add them to this page, and I can link these to your website if you are looking for more website visitors as well.

Adding photos to your WordPress blog can be tricky at times, but it can actually help the SEO score of your website by lining up the alt tag of your photo with your target phrase for SEO.  For example, for this page I am targeting the phrase Free photos for web marketing, so I named one of the photos below “Free photos for web marketing”, and added the same for the alt tag.

If you need help downloading these feel free to connect with us by clicking here.


Another free photo for web marketing



snacks in San Diego


Rose In San Diego



free photo of VW Bug in OB
VW Bug in OB
Beat Up Dune Buggy in Southern California
Beat Up Dune Buggy in Southern California


free photos for web marketing

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Spring-Flowers-Ocean-Beach-San-Diego

free photo of USA Flag

Peace and Love in OB



Orange motorcycle in Ocean Beach San Diego
Photo credit Jay Wills
Fog over Henrys Lake, Idaho
Halloween in Ocean Beach CA 92107
Halloween in Ocean Beach CA 92107
Sunset that looks like a bird
Super Hero in the Super Heat!
A Canyon in Utah