Another way to use Twitter

  In the sales process, Twitter is handy. Let’s say you have a relationship with a person named “Ms. Prospect”. She likes you, and would probably hire you, but she’s just too busy to pull the trigger. You don’t want her to forget who you are, so every once in a while you retweet one […]

Using Free photos to help the SEO of your website!

  I created a page of content on one of my websites with photos shot on my iPhone, simply to help the SEO of the website as Google likes to see fresh updated content on websites.  To check out some of the royalty free photos, click or tap here.

How to use Facebook Check-in to create a buzz about your business

  If you have set your business up on Facebook, use your phone to check-in at your own business.  This way your friends will be reminded about what you do, and perhaps check you out online as well.  If you need help with this, give us a call at 760-579-6120 as we offer a one […]