SEO With WordPress

 SEO With WordPress

We selected WordPress as our platform because it makes SEO so much easier than other technologies, and also because it is very economical and most of our small business clients have limited marketing budgets.  We have found that SEO with WordPress improves visibility on most if not all search engines, but definitely on the 3 main search engines for SEO which are Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Here is our approach in a nutshell:


1) Keyword Research (figure out the phrase that you want to target)

2) Once we have settled on a phrase to target, we then will create a landing page for that phrase and line that phrase up with the:

a) URL for that landing page

b) Heading Tag for that landing page

c) Title Tag for that landing page

d) Content for that landing page.

e) Images with alt tag for that page.

3) Example:  For one of our chiropractic clients we targeted

“chiropractor in Omaha that accepts insurance” (without the quote)


Look at this page we created at:


and inspect items a through e above…see how they all match up?


Now try running the search “Omaha chiropractor that accepts insurance” (without the quotes) on any search engine that you want, but I am going to bet that you start with Google.


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