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“He was worth every penny I invested because we were able to get five new patients a month that five turned into 10 and now that I average I see about 25 to 30 new patients a month,  My name is Dr. Hamed Norani and I am the owner of Omega chiropractic and pain center located in the state of Maryland.   I opened my office five years ago prior to that I was in New York and move to Maryland once I moved here to open my office I had some colleagues up in New York that knew of Chuck.  Once I moved down here they were able to share his information with me so that he could help us with our website where I am with a lot of competition with other chiropractors so we had to do something that put us on top of everybody else.
Because patients were going to search the web and our name needs to be at the top so that they could come to us before they go to someone else I hired Mr. Chuck to develop my website it was extremely successful.  He could help me out with any questions I have because of the techniques that he used it put us name our name immediately on the maps so that when you search for the chiropractor our name will now be at the top.
 There are doctors that have been here for many many many years prior to us and I’m the new kid on the block but he was able to put us at the top so now when patients are searching our name comes first and soon after that I noticed  more phone calls people are walking in and we ask them every time the client comes in how did you hear about us website website website so this is how I knew that this is working I would highly highly recommend Chuck.”

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