San Diego WordPress Tutor

The purpose of this page is to provide information for folks searching San Diego WordPress Tutor, or variations such as WordPress tutor, WordPress Training San Diego, online WordPress tutor or WordPress help over Zoom.  In general, I have two types of clients:

  1. Very busy clients who want me to handle all of their web marketing for them.
  2. Clients with smaller marketing budgets who need to be pointed in the right direction by hiring a WordPress tutor.

San Diego WordPress Tutor

San Diego WordPress Tutor

WordPress is a great platform for building websites because it is economical, very powerful and well supported.

WordPress is fairly straightforward, but can be overwhelming initially if you are not familiar with hosting accounts, responsive themes, or know the difference between a blog post and a web page.  When I was approached by a chiropractor a while back who wanted me to help him with web marketing, I knew WordPress was the tool I wanted to learn.  Because I have an extensive background in Information Technology, I was able to teach myself WordPress from a video I found on YouTube that was created by Mike Simmons.  The video I used to train myself at my home office in Ocean Beach, San Diego is similar to .

The video is 2 hours long.  So I would watch it for a bit, hit the pause button, try what he suggested, possibly rewind, and then continue.  Within about a 3 or 4 days I was starting to feel quite comfortable with WordPress.  Then it was time to start in on the SEO.  Because I had training on SEO from some website companies I had worked for, this was also quite straightforward.  If you have read all this, you probably can use this approach to teach yourself WordPress as well.  If you need a jumpstart, you may want to hire a San Diego WordPress tutor for some support.

WordPress Training San Diego

I really enjoying developing Blogs and websites with WordPress.  But what is even more rewarding to me is to tutor someone on WordPress and/or SEO, because once the student starts to “get it”, they become excited and empowered and can “control their own destiny.”  Nothing makes me happier than to hear that excitement after a tutoring session.

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Update 4.27.2017:  I found out today, I am also on the front page of Google under the more generic phrase San Diego WordPress since I provide WordPress Training in San Diego.

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