Complimentary one hour of WordPress or SEO Tutoring

If you have questions regarding Social Media Marketing, domains, hosting accounts, WordPress blogs, websites, reputation management or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have come to the right place.  No, we don’t work for free, but by way of introduction, we do offer a one-hour complimentary consultation for new clients.

Q) Why do we offer a complimentary one-hour consultation to new clients?

A) It’s simple.  You don’t know us and we don’t know you.  Why would you hire a consultant that you do not know well?  Your time is valuable and you want to work with someone who is effective and friendly.  If we are not a good fit for you, there will be no hard feelings…we will part as friends. Test us out for an hour, it won’t cost you a dime, what do you have to lose?


Q) How does it work?

A) You need to be in the USA, Canada, or Mexico and have a desktop or laptop with a reasonably fast internet connection, and a phone.  We will set up an appointment, and I will call you at the appointed time.  I use a screen share program like Zoom, so you can see what’s on my screen, or I can look at your screen

Q) Are there any restrictions?

A) Yes, this offer is only valid until 06.30.2024

To get the coupon code for your one-hour free consultation, please text 760-579-6120 with the message “Coupon Code for One Hour Free.”