The power of a Google Review

A well-written 5 star review with good photos can really help a restaurant. For example, I wrote this review a few weeks ago and it already has more than 1,000 views:

Content Idea for a Google My Business Post

If you need a content idea for a google my business post then you landed on a place to get an idea for this! Best practice is to regularly create posts in Google My Business as well as adding content to your website and other social media portals like Facebook and LinkedIn. If someone is […]

Need help getting reviews on Google?

Google reviews can definitely help you get more customers especially if they reflect positively on your business. In some cases, customers have trouble figuring out how to write a review for you on Google. This can be because either they don’t have a Google account like a Gmail account, or they forgot their password, or […]

Video testimonials are powerful

I’d like to give a shout out to my colleague Brighton West of who helped me capture this video testimonial from my chiropractic client, Dr. Hamed Norani of Brighton is able to capture this type of video from anyone that has internet access. Even though Brighton works in Portland, Oregon, and Dr. Nornani […]

The Importance of Online Reviews

If a potential client finds your website but they are on the fence as to taking the next step and contacting you, how can you increase the odds that they will email/text/call or Facebook you?  The short answer is social proof.  I am not just stating this because I read it on another BLOG post, […]