Things you can do offline to promote your website

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  1. Send out thank you notes to everyone when you receive payment with your web address in the signature.
  2. Give out your web address when you do your elevator pitch.
  3. Have your web address on your business card.
  4. Have your web address on your stationery including your own envelopes.
  5. Have your web address on your voicemail message when you can’t pick up the phone
  6. Refer to your company by the domain name.  For example when answering the phone I say “Thank you for calling Dancing Panda Marketing dot com, how may I direct your call?”
  7. Vehicle wrap.  You’re driving around and are stuck in traffic, why not promote your website to other vehicles around you?
  8. Direct mail.
  9. Sponsor events.
  10. Write and send out press releases.