Surf Report for Ocean Beach

Surf Report for Ocean Beach

Surf Report for Ocean Beach

I am building this page out to raise awareness of a free service I am providing from time to time to show the Surf Report for Ocean Beach. Of course, all of these videos are sponsored by Dancing Panda Marketing, so look for the videos on Youtube and my Facebook page as well at

July 15th, 2019: I created several videos and used a free app on the web to connect them. The reason is there were lulls in between the set waves that day which were not very interesting. This way the video has mostly action which should decrease bounce rate and improve the number of views on Youtube with time. People on the web demand non stop entertainment, and if your video is boring they will bounce off of your video on to a shinier object.

The next video was shot on 7.17.2019 on an iPhone X. This is one long video which I did not edit to save time. After uploading the videos to Youtube I tagged them with keywords to increase the visibility!

Did some more work on the Surf Report for Ocean Beach by walking out onto the OB Pier today to have a look. Although I am not completely sure, the water temperature may have dropped based on the cooler air and something I saw on a surfing related website. My best guess is that the water is down to about 66 although in the video I mention 62 which may or may not be correct. I shot another video, and quickly uploaded it to Youtube at If you are going to head to Ocean Beach to surf, you may want to bring a wetsuit just in case as it may be a tad chillier than earlier this summer!

Update for 8.7.2019: Not too happening, could the tide be working against a very small swell? Here’s the video shot from the wall

Saturday 8-10-2019: Surf in Ocean Beach is quite small today. Light and offshore winds early, here is a video that I uploaded to Youtube just now:

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