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What does catching a wave have to do with an online store? Absolutely nothing, but I thought it might grab your attention. While traveling a few months ago in Mexico, I received a phone call from a company called Epilobium who found me on a Google Search and needed help with WordPress.  Little did I know this might lead me to become a San Diego Ecwid consultant.

I helped a bit with their WordPress website at and my client Bob made me aware of a company called Ecwid which makes setting up on online store extremely easy, and you can get started for free! To learn more, I set up a store on my website at

I had it up and running in less than one hour and it is all completely free! Of course, you can upgrade for additional fees, but Ecwid is a great way to get started with online marketing without spending a dime and super easy if you use WordPress. To learn more about Ecwid, please use:  For more information, you can also call at Dancing Panda Marketing at 760-579-6120. All the best, Chuck Hardwick, owner of Dancing Panda Marketing.