A quick way to create content for a blog post

quick way to create content


Quick way to create content

Do you have writers cramp? Do you need a quick way to create content? Sometimes it’s tough to sit down and write a blog post. One thing that helps me to get the ball rolling is to use speech to text technology to get some content down into a file that can then be uploaded to your blog.   For example, if you have a Google voice number, try leaving yourself a voicemail with some content that you would like to have in a blog post. Google voice will automatically transcribe what you have spoken into text that can then be copied and pasted it into your blog post. Also if you have a smartphone such as an iPhone you can also use voice to text technology by pressing on the microphone while you are creating an email.  In fact, that’s how I created this blog post in less than two minutes!  To see a video related to this, please click or tap here.

Of course, the content that you create should be relevant to the service or target audience of your website.  In the case of my website, the content is relevant to just about anyone that owns or wants to own a website especially if it has been created with WordPress.  The fact that WordPress is such a ubiquitous platform means that if I create content related to almost any item of general interest, there is a high probability that the person that finds my website may have an interest in learning WordPress or doing something advanced with WordPress or search engine optimization which is also known as SEO.

Google likes to see fresh unique content added to your blog or website.  Best practice is to add this content consistently.  If you publish your website and never update it, your website may lose traffic.  Blog, add pages of content and link your blog to social media and other websites.

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