How to welcome new members to your Facebook group

  • The speaker, Chuck from Dancing Panda Marketing, shares tips on how to welcome new members to a Facebook group.
  • To begin, you need to be an admin of the group and locate it in your admin panel.
  • Click on the number of members at the top to bring up a dialog box for posting to new members.
  • In the post, welcome the new members and additional relevant information with your call to action
  • Include additional information such as contact details, a picture, and encourage viewers to comment or contact for assistance.

Transcript: Hey what’s up it’s Chuck with Dancing Panda Marketing and in this video I’m going to show you how to welcome new members to your Facebook group and so the way you do that let me go ahead and share my screen and I’ll show you a real world example um first of all you have to be an admin of the group and I happen to be an admin of this group called the San Diego networking group I have quite a few new members that I want to welcome and so what you would do is you would first locate that group you know you can go to uh this panel and find that group that you’re managing and then up here at the top you’ll see the number of members so we have about 4 700 if you click that number right there then you’ll see this dialog box come up where you can do the posts for the new members and it’s cool because it’s going to tag all these people and then um so like what I’m trying to do is get people raise awareness um for a networking event that I’m running on January 17th and so I’m gonna um just welcome them and write in some additional texts uh so it’s basically gonna be let’s welcome our new members and I’m actually going to tag someone that helps me run this group uh and so I’m gonna put in her uh at in her last name and so then she’ll see that hopefully to get some more interaction um so I’ll say let’s welcome our new members and invite them to a free networking on Tuesday 1 17 20 23 at noon more information please text and then I’ll put in my name if someone wants to DM me and then they can also text me to Google Voice with my Google Voice number and then I’ll select add a picture because that will make it look better so I’m going to grab a picture uh something that I was working on for a different post earlier so the way you do that is you click that picture and then from here you can click your your photo that you want to use so drop into a networking event and then you just click on post so I hope that was helpful if you have any questions with regards to welcoming your new members just comment below on YouTube and if you could give me a like on YouTube I would appreciate that as well or you can text me for help at 760-579 six one two zero once again it’s chuck with dancing panda marketing thank you so much for watching and I hope you have success with your Facebook marketing and a wonderful day later”