Content Idea for a Google My Business Post

Content Idea for Google My Business Posts

If you need a content idea for a google my business post then you landed on a place to get an idea for this!

Best practice is to regularly create posts in Google My Business as well as adding content to your website and other social media portals like Facebook and LinkedIn. If someone is looking at your profile and Google and they see some good content there, they are more likely to hire you. Also, Google likes to see that you are active on Google My Business and you may improve your ranking by posting content on a regular basis. It’s not always easy to come up with ideas as to what to post about. This video will provide you with an idea and also may help you to garner additional reviews on Google as well which is also important for SEO:

One thing I noticed in San Diego during the pandemic is that many restaurants provided QR codes so that the customers could use their smartphone to simply take a photo of the QR Code and then read the menu on their iPhone or Droid without having to touch a menu that could possibly be contaminated with Covid 19. Thus many are in the habit of taking photos to go to a certain website. The other way to get someone to write a review for you is to have them click a link that you have emailed them, but quite often people are reluctant to click on links so using a QR code may feel safer to them.

You can watch the video that discusses a content Idea for a Google My Business Post on Youtube by clicking or tapping here.

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