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Did you ever feel like your website was stuck in a traffic jam with hundreds or thousands before you? Well you are not alone.  You can have the best looking website in the world, but if the right types of people aren’t seeing it, you are wasting your time and money.  Can you fix this on your own?  In some cases, yes, but you need to ask yourself is this something you enjoy doing?  Do you have the time to take care of it yourself, or are you better off partnering with someone else so you can focus on your business?

Dancing Panda Marketing ™ is a website, SEO and marketing consultancy that utilizes WordPress. Yes we have a passion for internet marketing!  Nothing makes us happier than a client that tells us the web marketing is helping this business expand!   The principal has 10 years experience helping small businesses leverage the web for new client generation.

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Why us? 

Many website and SEO companies insist that they own your domain (web address) and/or that you sign a long term contract.  We don’t require either.  All of our clients work with us on a month to month basis.  This way, you know we are working as hard as we can each and every month to make sure the campaign is producing results, because if it isn’t you can fire us at anytime, and trust me, we hate being fired!


Finally we will only work with your business, not any of your competitors.  Many web marketing firms do not offer exclusivity.  How can we get your business and your direct competitor both to the top of Google?

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